Question re: Urine drug test before starting Suboxone.

Will methadone and buprenorphine together cause withdrawal? How do I stop precipitated withdrawal? What dose of buprenorphine is best? Do I have to be in withdrawal to start Suboxone?
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Question re: Urine drug test before starting Suboxone.

Post by Plathy » Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:59 pm

Hello everyone!

I just found this site, and this is my first visit and first post. I hope that somebody may be able to answer my question.

I have chronic pain and I have been on prescribed Oxycodone for almost 5 years. I am going to start Suboxone soon, and at my doctor appointment yesterday I was informed that before starting Suboxone, it is now a requirement for them to do a urine drug test before prescribing the Suboxone. I will be getting the medication through insurance, and I am unsure whether the drug test is a requirement for the insurance company, or a requirement in general for anybody starting Suboxone. All I know is that my doctor said it is a new requirement.

My question is this: what would they be looking for on a drug test? Obviously I will test positive for opiates, but I also very occasionally smoke marijuana to help with my pain. I smoke one hit off a pipe approximately once every 10-20 days. The last time I smoked was 4 days ago. If this tiny bit of marijuana shows up on the drug test, does this mean I cannot get approved for Suboxone? I am supposed to go in for the drug test today or tomorrow, and I'm getting really nervous.

I just think it's odd for them to do a drug test when they already know I am on drugs! What are they looking for, and how will they use that information? Any insight would be very helpful. Thanks so much!

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Post by Breezy_Ann » Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:29 pm

Hi and welcome! I believe the main reason for the drug test is to test positive for opiates and secondly to maybe see if you are doing any other drugs. I do not think any sub Dr would turn away a patient that failed their first drug test for other drugs. Some Sub Drs don't mind if their patient's smoke pot and some do. Your Dr should go over what's expected of you during your treatment. I'm sure everything will go fine so don't stress about it.


Post by Ironic » Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:56 pm

They may want you to stop smoking, but they won't penalize you for your first test being + for weed

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