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Any tips to stop splitting dose throughout day

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:17 am
by zon
Hey folks,

Long time since I've posted - hope you're all well!

I went onto Suboxone a year ago and everything went fine.

Started on 16mg and I've now been on 10mg for a few months, and am about to come down to 8mg tentatively which I think is probably a better dose for a clearer head for me, although I am slightly nervous about it due to the dosing pattern I've got myself into.

I've been splitting my dose throughout the day, which I know is not recommended but I felt my dose was a little bit high at 10mg, so I've got into the habit of about 3 doses a day and it worked nicely but isn't ideal for work, can make me a bit lazy etc.

But now I'm going to be on 8mg, dosing 3x a day is going to be more difficult, so I feel I may as well try to start taking it once a day, but if I take 8mg in the morning I always feel the need to take more later, as I can feel a bit of a crash, especially around the times I usually re-dose.

Is there a better way to do things, to avoid this desire for a dose later? Should I maybe take the full 8mg in two doses but within quick succession of each other? Is it normal to feel a crash later in the day when dosing once per day? I'm thinking about maybe dosing twice day for now although this again leads to a further craving in the it better to just bite the bullet and do once a day? Will I get used to that quickly enough or am I stuck with extra cravings throughout the day?

Re: Any tips to stop splitting dose throughout day

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 10:04 am
by jennjenn
Hey zon! Welcome back!

My dose is 8 mg a day also. Of course the ideal way to take your medication is all at once and be done with it. Most of the time that’s how I do it because my workload is so full that I barely have time to go pee! But I know some ppl do start getting somewhat antsy in the evening time sometimes. I do that too but not a lot. The way I used to do it, back when I first dropped to 8 mg, is I would take 6 mg in the morning and when evening time come around and I’d feel that antsy feeling and take the other 2 mg I had left from the morning time. That way worked for me very well and I finally got to where I’d take the full 8 all at once and it has been fine. Dropping doses can be an adjustment so if you need to do that then personally I understand. The doctors don’t want ya to do that but sometimes if you gotta then you gotta.