"Vertigo" and "Falling-Out" Feelings

Does Suboxone hurt teeth? Why does the film taste bad? Am I high on Suboxone? If you have side effects to buprenorphine, discuss them here.
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Have you had "vertigo" feelings on Suboxone?

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"Vertigo" and "Falling-Out" Feelings

Post by lod4rod » Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:48 am

I started taking Suboxone 4 days ago because I was having withdrawals from Norco after 2 surgeries in 3 months kept me on them. Once I didn't need the Norco, my body was shocked from getting off of them. Man....I never knew it would make me feel like a full blown drug addict. I was having panic attacks, horrible leg pains and mentally NEEDING to find a way to get more.

I consulted with a Sub doc in my area and he started me on 8mg Subs. I took the first one and within 30 minutes felt a high that I had never felt before. It was quite scary but it took away the withdrawals I was having from Norco. It worked great. I took Sub from Monday - Thursday and will NEVER take them again!! I have had the WORST vertigo and "falling out" feelings. I hate this drug! I've been off of it for 19 hours now and I'm STILL having horrible vertigo issues. If I look down then look back up again, I feel like I'm going to puke because it makes me dizzy as hell.....like I just got off the spinning tea cups at Disney World. I'll be sitting down and all of a sudden my body will feel like it's tipping over and I have to catch my self. The falling out feelings I'm having are strange! It feels like I haven't slept in 3 days and that my body desperately needs to just fall asleep. If I close my eyes, I get a feeling like I'm falling off of a building or going down a hill on a roller coaster.

I've NEVER had these feelings before in my life and after only 4 days on Subs, I have these feelings. Now....I'm no rocket scientist but if I'm having these issues after taking a new drug that I've never taken before, my solid guess is that the drug is making me feel this way.

I went back to the Sub doc yesterday and he said to cut the film in half giving me 4mg at a time. I did that and took my last dose yesterday. I don't care how awful I may feel coming off of only 4 days of Subs, but it isn't worth me feeling like I'm going to fall over at any second. I'm really glad this started happening quick because hearing all the horror stories about Subs is a little disturbing. I have chronic pain issues. I've had 13 knee surgeries and 7 feet surgeries. I have true bone on bone contact in my knee....vertually NO articular cartilage on my femur condyle. The arthritis alone qualifies me for social security disability payments for the rest of my life and I'm only 33 years old. Of course, I'm not going to go the route of collecting disability payments because I'm not going to sit around my house all day doing nothing because my income doesn't afford me to do anything else. I'd rather work the 2 jobs I have and make the "more than enough money" I'm making.

I have come to the conclusion that Suboxone just isn't the right path for me. I don't know if I will suffer through

Has anyone else out there had issues with "vertigo" and/or "falling-out" feelings?

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Post by Breezy_Ann » Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:58 am

Hi and welcome! I am not a Dr but my guess would be you were put on too high if a dose of sub. Depending on how much norco you were taking, 4mg could be too much. Sub is a very strong medication, buprenorphine (active ingredient in sub) is used for pain in doses of .2mg.

Did your Dr taper you off the norcco before having you stop? If not you could go back on the norco and properly taper off. You will still have some discomfort but much less than stopping cold turkey. Hope you start feeling better soon!

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Post by finallyachance » Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:23 pm

I agree with Breezy I think given the amount of hydrocodone you were taking (????).... maybe the sub was too high of a dose. I think anyone trying to kick a habit that a doctor helped create in that the doctor prescribed opiates for pain and they (you) had to take it for a while, instead of you having to go the suboxone route that same doctor should taper you off the norcos and you not use suboxone at all. You did not mention how much of the norco you were taking but suboxone is a very strong medication and in order to really qualify for taking suboxone you really need to suffer from drug addiction firstly and secondly, also you need to have tried to abstain and/or failed attempts to get off and stay off drugs. Suboxone or methadone should not be someones first choice or first attempt in dealing with withdrawals, addiction etc.... Just because you are having withdrawals from a medicine that a doctor gave you for a knee condition (which I am sure is painful bone on bone) does not qualify you as a drug addict. (when I say qualify that does not mean in a good sense) In fact you did not elude to being an addict in any of the post. So I assume you are not. You are just one of those unfortunate people who a doctor helped form a habit (as you needed it for pain) and then at his call he stops giving it to you and leaves you to the withdrawals. Statistics show an incredible rate in and for drug addiction forming from a medical need for opiates to an addiction to opiates.

But....these doctors get these patients on these pain killers then before you know it you go in for an appointment and they say well okay I am taking you off the pain meds and they kick you to the curb suffering from drug withdrawals. I have found that there are so many people at the methadone clinic and suboxone offices due to a doc getting them on pain meds (medically needed) and then out of the blue kicking them to the curb to fight the withdrawals all by themselves. Well with no more prescription and terrible sickness the client/patient illegally obtains them and begin taking pain meds for guarding off withdrawals instead of treating pain then....the tolerance builds and builds where they need more and more and then WOW they went from pain management clients to substance abuse clients. A lot of that could be avoided if a doctor would assume the responsibility that if he/she treated someone for a legitimate pain associated need they take an additional few weeks to wean the client off the pain meds. WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN BEST IN YOUR CASE.

I believe the reason you are not doing well with the suboxone is that you are not an addict (first clue is an addict would more than likely LOVE the falling over higher than a kite feeling you hate)lol. If and only if you have to use suboxone for withdrawals then....if those norcos were the culprit more than likely the dose you would need would be miniscule little pieces if any. Otherwise just take a week or so of feeling terrible and next time tell a doctor that you expect them to wean you off pain meds not cut you cold turkey etc...Things like this make me hate doctors. They just don't care that they take care of one thing but create another illness even worst than the one before. (not meaning to minimize your chronic knee pain but now you may suffer from addiction problems because he did not take any precautions nor offer any help in weaning you off the opiates). I would call that doctor and tell him just this. You gave them to me for pain and I understand you may feel I do not need them for pain any longer but now I am sick from not having them so you need to wean me off them Mr. Doctor so and so. Just be honest with him even tell him you tried suboxone and it is too strong etc...and you may need a few weeks of the norcos to wean yourself down. I am sure there are norco affected people on this site that could help you cocktail a recipe to weaning off them. Good Luck and welcome to the site. Lots of good people and honest advice here on this site.
Wishing you the best in love and life. Finallyachance.

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Post by johnboy » Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:00 pm

lod4od- mabe the other stuff in the suboxone ? could that be making you sick?
i think i'm going crazzy". is this saterday feb-4?????? :?: :idea: :lol: :cry:
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Post by tearj3rker » Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:16 pm

For me, I got increased side-effects when I used the film. I immediately went back to the tablets, and everything was fine.

The side-effects were largely head related - jitteriness, unease, headache... all round weirdness. It wasn't pleasant.

If your doctor won't give you Subutex... maybe ask for Suboxone tablets and give them a try?

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Post by hatmaker510 » Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:24 am

I just responded to you on this somewhere else on the forum; you must have double-posted this.

My first thought was the same as Breezy....you were put on way too high a dose. You needed to be adjusted down and in my opinion if you had been, those effects would have very likely gone away. Like many other meds, they need to be given a few days to adjust sometimes. It's a shame you weren't given the correct dose, because suboxone may have worked well for you, if dosed right and if given the chance to work.

I'm sorry that it didn't work out the way you had hoped. Good luck to you!
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