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Re: question for those on methadone

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:21 pm
by Methaplsdo
Im a princeton grad, so clarity of mind is very important to me. You dont get into princeton unless you enjoy using ur head, so if anything impaired me or was an impediment to my ability to think clearly and critically, i would try to get off it immediately. Suboxone was just this type of drug that i feared. I couldnt think clearly on it, it gave me panic attacks, and most bothersome was that it seemed to be turning me into a monster/someone i wasnt before starting to take opiates. The kid who shot up tge black ppl in church was on suboxone. Imo it is a terrible drug, pushed by either those with an iq low enough to believe that just because something is newer or was developed more recently (bupe) that it is better than something that has been used for decades (methadone).
I actually stayed away from meth for a while because people badmouthed it and said it was just like suboxone.
(Edited by Amy) Methadone has been a godsend for me. Once ur at a stable dose you arent really getting high. You just feel NORMAL. I feel between normal and good every day. I highly recommend methadone. Full agonists are what you were after all along. Partial agonists like suboxone are prescribed by doctors who think addicts should be punished/ or by doctors who think a full agonist wont work.

Added by Amy: Someone with a clear mind can probably understand that while suboxone was not a good drug for you, that it can still be a good and helpful drug for other addicts. There are people who come here and say the exact same thing about methadone. We don't make those kinds of claims around here, whether one drug is better than the other unless it is clear it is one person's opinion. We also do not allow claims to be posted about the nature of suboxone unless you can back it with scientific evidence, unless it is clear that it is someone's opinion. That is why I deleted a couple sentences.

Please respect the fact that there are hundreds to thousands of people who come to this forum and express all the wonderful things you say about methadone, except that they experience the same on suboxone. I would think that with the epidemic of opiate overdose in this country that you wouldn't be here to discourage the folks who are able to achieve recovery on suboxone.

Also understand that if you choose to leave multiple disparaging posts about suboxone here that you will most likely be banned.


Re: question for those on methadone

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 8:17 am
by jennjenn
We clearly support methadone maintenance....notice the whole section for methadone posting. What we don't support is suboxone bashing and that's what ur doing. If methadone is ur choice for recovery then that's wonderful. So please respect this forum and stop the negative commenting about sub and sub doctors. If u think that's unfair, too bad, I don't care and you'll be banned. We don't debate that stuff.

Re: question for those on methadone

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 9:59 pm
by HizzyB
stewart1 wrote:I used methadone once in my active addiction because it was all I could find, and I think I remember it got me somewhat high, nothing special though. I'm curious to those on methadone maintenance, does it get you a high at all? I am on subutex, but with methadone being a full-agonist I assumed it still got you high. Or if your on the maintenance does the euphoric feeling just go away after being on it for a while. I am not trying to imply that those on methadone are not working toward recovery, just curious why methadone seems to be phasing out while suboxone is the new opiate maintenance go to drug.
I got off the Methadone and onto Buprenorphine because the methadone tolerance issues at 10 years use (160MG a day down to 3mg) was so bad I went crawling to the mental health clinic looking for help.

I asked the intake nurse if over the last few years if something new had come out that could help my severe WithD symptoms and was told "Oh yes we have a Suboxone Dr"
I said oh yeah I heard of the stuff.

Let me just say I wish I would've crawled my dope sick butt right on past that place.

6 months of super weird mental side effects, massive neck pain and over all restlessness and crawl outta my skin out of it crap.

This stuff at .50 twice a day rules supreme over my life.
Scared Ill never make 30 days off.

Im scrambling to make concentrated cannabis oil and that stuff will settle the legs and help with insomnia.

I will do my best to keep track of my recovery starting in ten days for those interested in my detox and recovery benzo free, medical marijuana is the only thing I will use.

Im the 47 year old who's had RLS since 1973, drs would tell me its just growing pains. hadn't had an opiod until 1983ish

my point is if the CCO settles my legs in acute withdraws and paws it will help a lot of others cause i get RLS BADDDDD lol Disco Dancing under the covers blows

Sorry I'm all over the place this .9ish a day has me super loopy and out of it.

pray for the person suffering, I could use a few prayers

Re: question for those on methadone

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:38 pm
by FrankMatthews
I was on methadone two times for only a period of two weeks each times. My max dose was 80 mgs. It worked amazing for anti craving use and helped me focus on my life instead of copping dose. This was because I drank my Sunday take home dose right after my Saturday 40 mg dose was given. I never was prescribed over 60 mg a day. YES 60 mg gave me a nice euphoric relaxing opiate BUZZ, not a high...80 mg had me nodding out, but it was not that euphoric. I got a head ache from it. It was definitely better used for anti craving than getting high

Re: question for those on methadone

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 12:50 pm
by Brenn55
I know this is a really old post but being new to the forum and looking through a lot of the methadone post I saw you show a lot of hate and spew a lot of lies so that’s why I’m replying to a few year old comment. First and foremost I too would get more of a buzz from Suboxone than methadone. I would abuse my Suboxone because of this, but I never abused my methadone take homes to try n get high because even when I got increases I never felt any kind of high like I got from Suboxone. But the one thing that you said that really blew my mind was methadone will magically stop working one day. That is the biggest line of crap I’ve ever heard someone say. If that was the least bit true do you really think there would be patients at clinics who have been on it 20 plus years? Oh that’s right you think they get high on the same dose all that time :lol: Now onto your drumroll lie. Methadone isn’t prescribed like Suboxone because addiction specialist found that having a patient in a clinic setting were they had to go on a daily basis had a higher success rate than giving an addict a script of opiates and expect them to take it as prescribed and not abuse it. Has nothing to do with because it gets you high. That’s actually the main reason I choose methadone was because I knew I was an addict and I knew you couldn’t hand me a script of subs and say ok don’t misuse these now. There’s so much more I wanna say about all your bull shit lies but you’re probably not even on the forum anymore.

Anyone thinking of going on methadone please please please don’t listen to a single word this kid has said. The best methadone information I’ve found on this forum in the methadone section was by Bboy in his or hers “My Switch” post.

Buprecision wrote:
Sun Sep 29, 2013 3:35 pm
16mgs of subs didnt get you more of a buzz than methadone buddy, stop spreading all your stupid propaganda everyone whos lurked here for awhile and has seen your ridiculous lies can see right through your transparent agenda. Theres a reason sub is Rx'd in 30 day supplies and methadone isnt, drumroll...... its because methadone gets you high and sub doesn't, exactly the opposite of the BS you are saying.

Subs arent perfect but being hooked on methadone is worse, of course when your in the thick of it and getting high off your dose everyday you may not think that but when the time comes when it finally stops working completely (which it will just like it did for me and just like it does eventually for everyone else once they reach the clinics dose cap) and you are forced to do the long tedious taper which is like being in 30% withdrawal the whole time and then you finally come off it and get to enjoy the months of misery from withdrawal.

Sorry mods is if Im breaking any rules with this post but Im sick of this guy trying to bash sub and try and sway newcomers to go onto methadone and sign their lives over for whatever his reasons are. Maybe the old adage "misery loves company" applies here, maybe he's miserable like most people on MMT and is trying his best to sway other people to go onto it and ruin their lives as well.

Re: question for those on methadone

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:41 pm
by jennjenn
Not all suboxone clinics are like you’re describing either though. The clinic I am a patient at has phases that all patients go through and the absolute most you can walk away with is a weeks worth of medication at a time and some actually do IOP and they’re there 3 hours a day for 3 days a week for 3 months. Even the weekly patients are weekly for 3 months. Phase #2 is after 3 months you move to biweekly. Phase #3 is monthly after you’ve moved through all the phases. Weekly drug screens. It’s a pretty strict place. So not all clinics are like you’re describing.

People shouldn’t talk negatively about methadone just like people shouldn’t talk negatively about suboxone. It’s crazy for ppl to insult anyone and the recovery they choose. Methadone is just as much MAT as suboxone. They both save lives every single day.

Re: question for those on methadone

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:27 pm
by BlueLight
The reason why BOTH buprenorphine AND methadone work is because they are long-acting opioids. But BOTH are strictly RXd, monitored, and the patient tested. It takes both components to have a prayer of breaking the addiction cycle, in addition to other tools for recovery (Ie...counseling, IOP, 12 step, detox, treatment, education, etc....).

For me even in active addiction, the only thing that finally capped my daily dose, and then slow reduction, was the 72 hour fentanyl patch. My daily equivalent of Oxycodone climbed from “just” 40 mgs per day to over 250 mg. The fentanyl patch got me to stop upping my dose, and after a few months, to begin lowering it, to under 175 mg per day.

I don’t understand why some addicts feel the need to trash the MAT medication they’re not taking. We already have the majority of society against us, looking down their noses at us with fear and loathing. Let’s not shoot our own. Just because one medication is “right” for you, doesn’t make it the “right” choice for others. All of our brains and physical bodies are slightly different and our addiction histories, living conditions, access to care/MAT, allergies and health histories, are each unique.

That said, I’ve gotten to know a couple hundred addicts using MAT for opiates pretty well. By in large, Suboxone provides no euphoria to the overwhelming, vast majority of patients. I do think based on my personal interaction with other Suboxone patients, there is a small contingent (5%, perhaps less) that do experience some mild to mild-moderate euphoria. I, like most others, feel nothing. Some patients have said they felt a bit euphoric the first few/several days when getting on Suboxone, but I’m not sure this is true “euphoria” vs the overwhelming sense of release and joy that they have opened a new chapter in their lives and the need to score every minute of every day has come to an end.

Re: question for those on methadone

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2020 1:30 am
by D.K.
Let me start by saying that I am a Suboxone patient.

The reason why I am writing this post is because my friend was a Methadone patient but she recently switched to Suboxone. When she first started at the Methadone clinic many years ago, she was really out of control and needed the rigorous structure that Methadone clinics provide. This worked well for her, but I don't think that she knew a lot about Suboxone at that time. About 3 months ago, I started Suboxone treatment at CARE Clinic for Drug Addiction in Central Mississippi. I was always bragging about how great the clinic was because of the personalized treatment that I received and the low cost for the office visits and medications. My friend became interested in Suboxone and went to CARE Clinic too. Since my friend no longer needed the structured environment which occurs in Methadone clinics, she wanted to try Suboxone and have more independence. My doctor was able to get her off Methadone and onto Suboxone. She has been on Suboxone for more than a month and is very happy that she made the change.

I hope that this post is helpful, even though I had to tell this story for my friend because she does not post on this forum.