Stopped taking Suboxone...~7 days ago now...

How to stop Suboxone? How long should I be on buprenorphine? Is Suboxone withdrawal bad? How do I detox?
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Stopped taking Suboxone...~7 days ago now...

Post by Kyle197 » Tue Jul 28, 2020 3:02 am

Been on them for ~13 or so years. Started from using pain pills after a number of surgeries.

Anyway, was visiting my folks after my Mother broke her shoulder and needed surgery. Put them in the cabinet and I guess my Dad thought it was an empty box that looked like the one my Mothers inhaler comes in and he threw it away....I guess. He thinks that's what happened, I can't say but I can't find them.

I was taking 4MG twice a day...usually going over.

But I'm 7 days in now, thereabout and I've yet to feel any side affects. I know when I was active and working going 3-4 days I'd feel terrible, Anyone been through this that can tell me what's coming up?

I did call my Doctor...they told me to go fill out a police report and then contact my pharmacy and ask for an emergency re-fill(which I do actually get them filled again in about a week, so I think it'd probably take about that long).

Any advice on what you think I have to look forward to would be appreciated it. I honestly feel like I've been on a placebo at this point. I have some left over Xanax from...I don't know, 2 years ago that I'm saving in case I need to sleep, but don't want to replace one with the other, so I'm holding off on that.

I keep reading I'll feel severe physical withdrawals for 30 days. So if 7 days in with no symptoms too early to start getting excited? I AM off work(kinda, my Mother is a REAL pain in the ass, but she broke the ball in her shoulder tripping over something late at night,'s just running little errands for her).

Finally, if I get through until I DO get my script filled....should I just say screw it and go all the way off? I no longer even know who I could get pain pills from or any types of opiates, I don't have any desire to use opiates. I have them at my disposal now through my mother with her shoulder and am not tempted(though...I know how quickly that could change).

I feel like I'm mostly just anticipating the same type of withdrawls I had when I was on 4 80 Oxy's a day a looong time ago for 6 months while I was getting different surgeries and I'm building this up to be more than it is. Thoughts...ideas...suggestions?

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