Addiction to "attention"???

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Addiction to "attention"???

Post by jonathanm1978 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:33 am this veers off the path of addiction to a physical substance - quite a bit - but I have to link this to something...

So I am not going to venture into the entire story of what I'm working on, but I'm seeing a facebook group that has people doing these stupid challenges while on facebook live...they do it for, people root them on as its happening.
I was on a livestream last night talking with a couple of folks and I compared the rush these people get from the attention they are seeing in this to an addiction to a physical drug, like opiates. I have been deeply involved in a couples life this past week because the female was one of these people who did the challenges, live on facebook, and she loved the attention. She was like..feeding off it, but not just like..normal, it was almost obsessive. Literally would do anything to please the people watching. Her fiance joined a group I'm in seeking support/help because he couldn't talk her out of going to this guys house to play around in mud in the guys back yard.
(for reference, I'm talking about an extreme "haunt" experience called Mckamey manor.)

If you don't want to fall off into a very deep rabbit hole..just take it at face value. You start looking into Russ McKamey and you see quickly how sick this man is....but that's beside the point.

So to be able to come visit this man's "extreme" have to do these challenges and be the most popular. Then you can come visit his back yard and do stupid little stunts while he films it.

It's hard to explain this in just a short summary...but I hope this is enough details to answer what I'm asking...
The dopamine released from a drug being used...this same thing can be said for the rush people feel when they are seeking popularity, fame (or what they interpret as fame??), this can be an addiction and have the same physical effects on a I right in this?
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Re: Addiction to "attention"???

Post by suboxdoc » Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:18 pm

There sure is some weird stuff out there! The new manual of psychiatric diagnoses includes internet addiction but I think it is more geared toward gamers, rather than highlighting the 'attention' aspect. Being in need of attention is part of other disorders though, such as histrionic or narcissistic personality disorders, where people are always seeking the spotlight - even in negative ways. I think for some people, being the center of attention reassures them that they are important or interesting.

Interesting thought about it being 'addictive'. Behaviors would fit that category if they exhibit tolerance (the person needs more and more attention), if the need for attention crowded out normal live, if the person did things for attention despite negative consequences, etc. I can see those characteristics fitting many of the people on Tic Tok!

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