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Back again dr are horrible just enjoy suffering

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 2:18 pm
by Rowdybird
Well unfortunately I have had another sadistic person,can't bring myself to use name of doctor. I am again having kidney stone passing, along with hematuia and protein in urine. Went to urgent care got shot if torodal helped slightly went home with nothing else. Discharge was advised if not better hurting worse come back. So went back hoping maybe to get xray this time and another shot of torodal even though not much help first time. I never once asked for any narcotics. The sadist comes in and first thing said was we didn't know you were on suboxone. Why does that even matter I didn't ask for narcotics or even expected them due to past experiences. She then asks what else do you want, I asked for xray nope you cant have one your a drug addict. May I get another shot nope you are already on a strong pain medication. I ask why cant I have torodal that is not a narcotic? Again you are already on pain med and that should already take care of it. WHAT THE FUCK is she talking about? So her logic is that since I am on suboxone and got hit by car I would have no clue due to total pain relief. Moral of story if anyone here gets femur broken or heart attack or twisted organ don't worry you won't feel it. Not only could I not get non narcotic I couldn't even get xray to check location of any blockage. Everyone said it was isolated not all dr are bad. I beg to differ, she wanted to ask what my drug of choice was and how long I had issue then as I told my husband let's go they don't believe me, she said when do you follow up with your neurologist. I don't see what a neuro has to do with either kidney stone or suboxone. I never answered just walked out. So now if you have past issues you cant even get basic care,I never wanted narcotics just basic med tests that I cant do on my own. So guess same logic if I have prolonged seizure and need valium I should not get care due to being on suboxone. Everyone you cant trust a doctor period end of story. Pretty sure gonna charge me for the wasn't a visit.

Re: Back again dr are horrible just enjoy suffering

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 4:10 pm
by suboxdoc
That's simply horrible. I hope that most doctors aren't like that, but I guess I wouldn't bet on it.

I really hope you'll do something when you feel better, as it might help make it better for the next person. Consider finding the web site for your medical licensing board, and filing a complaint.

Most of the people who make up state boards are not medical people. They usually have a couple doctors on the board, but most of the members do not understand the issues involved, so you would need to explain it to them in your complaint. There is a 'consensus statement' put out by NIH that describes how to treat acute pain in patients on buprenorphine. On approach is to stop Suboxone and provide potent opioids. Another is to increase the dose of buprenorphine - but that does little to treat severe pain, like the pain from a kidney stone. The third approach, and the one I use, is to use a higher dose of opioid than usual to overcome the blocking effects of buprenorphine.

You could also file a complaint with the hospital, and depending on the staff it may or may not be taken seriously. Try to avoid writing anything insulting, because even though it feels good and is appropriate, it would make it easier for the person receiving it to paint you as drug-seeking or just crazy.

New opioid guidelines require that in order to give opioids, the doctor must do an exam and work-up, or serve as a consultant to someone who has done the work-up. So I ask my patients to have the ER doc, surgeon, or dentist fax me a piece of paper that includes 1. the source of the pain, 2. the medication they would use if the person was NOT on Suboxone, and 3. how long they would treat a person with this condition with opioids, if they were not on Suboxone. If that doc says he/she would normally prescribe opioids, then I will prescribe opioids. I see that as a duty for any doctor who prescribes Suboxone. I typically prescribe 10 mg of oxycodone overy 4 hours for moderate pain, and 15 mg every 3-4 hours for severe pain - such as from a kidney stone. Patients get significant pain relief with that dose, but they usually do not feel any euphoric effects.

In my state, board complaints are taken very seriously. If you get a response or request for more information, I'd be happy to write a letter explaining that tolerance removes most if not all of the pain relief provided by buprenorphine. Saying that 'you're already on a potent pain med' suggests that the person lacks a basic understanding of how opioids work.

Re: Back again dr are horrible just enjoy suffering

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 12:57 am
by jennjenn
I’m so sorry this happened to you! That completely sucks and isn’t right! Why couldn’t she order you an X-ray? I don’t understand her reasoning for that at all. My temper would have gotten the best of me with that situation and I thoroughly believe she would have deserved it. If she wasn’t planning on helping you at all then why ask any questions about your addiction? Wow, again I’m sorry that happened and it wasn’t your fault or right.

There are some good doctors out there though, I do believe that. I just had a pretty big dental procedure and the dentist was going to give me pain medicine but I declined and told him I was in recovery and would like to try it with just ibuprofen and he actually thanked me for telling him and told me if I changed my mind to let him know. He was really cool about it especially knowing my issue was opiates. I believe we get unfairly judged by just having an addiction and when most hear buprenorphine is also part of the equation...... it must send them in a state of all get out. The judgy ppl go crazy with that mix lol :)

Re: Back again dr are horrible just enjoy suffering

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 1:50 pm
by Rowdybird
This is not first time it happened to me see previous post in surgery section. I had been using this urgent care for basic stuff, never came up that I was on suboxone I don't think I need to share when any treatment would not need any pain med. I knew from past experiences that I would be made to bare it. Doc's here like to play games of gotcha and they need proof of pain before any treatment,don't be surprised if you come to Albuquerque and need ER care and be made to endure and God forbid if CT doesn't show any reason you will be branded a drug seeker. My husband had pulmonary embolism and had to endure 6 hrs of horrendous pain before being given only 2mg morphine. Even though had CT within hour. They actually asked what he did to do you give yourself an embolism?

When he had surgery he was already on oxycodone and they removed tumor from his small intestine they stopped his at home meds and gave him 5mg oxycodone and then 25mcg fentanyl every 4 hours. He screamed for 3 days. Now I'm not dr but fentanyl only lasts maybe two hours tops.

Medical care in New Mexico is very poor. I have not had any narcotics besides 2018 for kidney stone and amt given did not help. 5mg oxy and told to stop suboxone. Sorry just didn't cut it.

You would think being on suboxone would be viewed as good thing dealing with your issues getting your life back on a good track. Nope not here u are a scum not never needing medical care period and anything wrong and your trying to get drugs.

I have made multiple complaints and nothing. So to get any care I don't tell anyone I am on suboxone. Otherwise I could get strep throat and be told your on suboxone that should take care of it. Lol I'm am still wondering what a neurologist has to do with either suboxone or kidney stone....and why I couldn't get torodal or an xray im I really just a piece of shit? Last remark is rhetorical. Still blows my mind.

Re: Back again dr are horrible just enjoy suffering

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:11 am
by jennjenn
Yeah sounds ridiculous! It’s so infuriating to be treated differently. Addicts do have pain like everyone else! I think like you, if someone knows you’re taking suboxone then that should be looked at in a positive light but unfortunately my area is like yours. My area has horrible judgment on suboxone. If you tell someone in the medical field here that you’re in recovery through buprenorphine treatment, heck you’ll be judged worse than if you told them you are in active addiction abusing opiates just before you come in! It’s insane here. It isn’t everywhere, you can go about 45 min away to Knoxville TN or Lexington KY and people are completely different concerning this treatment but here in my immediate area...... walk into an ER and tell them you’re a buprenorphine patient..... not always but more times than not you’ll be looked at and treated differently.

I think this is something a lot of us have faced or will face at some point and it isn’t fair.