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ER I knew they disliked me but wow

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 1:24 pm
by Rowdybird
I finally went to ER to get CT scan. Made sure everyone knew I was on suboxone probably even janitor even though no one asked what meds I take never once seems strangea. Said just really want scan hurting but dealing, dr says well we need blood pee and CT and get u some pain med, are u nauseated? No ....what level pain? 6....can u take torodal? Yes....then all tests done put in IV. Then nothing, waited 3 hrs after CT, never taken back to room even though everyone after me went back I got to pace waiting room. Then finally called up to nurse station and he reads me CT results, looks like just passed it in my bladder. Have 4 more but not blocking. Then in the hurry to get me the fuck out since i am trash for taking suboxone, always remember that fact. Escorted to door and given paperwork....THEY LEAVE THE IV IN MY ARM IN SUCH A HURRY TO GET ME GONE THEY DINT EVEN LOOK and I didn't notice until going towards car. Even though everyone gets an IV. So tell me going to get something for pain nada. Started thinking what would have happened if something awful found would they trip over themselves. I took pictures of it. Unbelievable. Albuquerque new Mexico lovelace downtown hospital. January 2 2020 approx 8:05am

This is sad state of healthcare. Maybe this complaint will mean more since I have pictures but I doubt it I am just a piece of shit in their view. Just another day in crappy Albuquerque health system and don't think Presbyterian is different like a clone.

Re: ER I knew they disliked me but wow

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 2:28 pm
by Rowdybird
Oh yeah reading discharge paperwork and states I was given 800my ibuprofen and 30mg ketorolac IV. I got neither all they did was put in Iv draw blood from it and then flush line,nurse even said don't have any orders yet. So either just stupid, lazy and didn't do it or on purpose just for record sake to show "hey, look we provided treatment even to the trash." I think it is the latter. Absolutely positive didn't get any pill, oh wait maybe I absorbed it thru my skin. After all just a junkie.