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Glad to be on suboxone

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 4:07 pm
by Rowdybird
My story....probably close to most. Started out as medical issue but jumped to addict.

1993 had migraines back then military dr gave demerol Iv. I remember the very first dose it was 100mg demerol and 50 phenergan. It made me feel alive better than perfect like a warm cocoon. That was all it took one shot.....ened up everyday then would go to dr for pills any kind didn't matter ended up huge issue for me. When husband got out of air force went to multiple dr for amt needed. Then started changing scripts didn't put in meds or add only ever Changed strength example..if it said viciden would add HD or ES to get better pills. Then police involved went to court got 4yrs differed adjudication. Did the probation fine (still used) never found out or they just didn't care not sure. Still did same things. Then had issue at job had to go to counseling and drug rehab. Work was actually place that helped me. Put me on program of drug tests and probation with fear of losing job that is what finally turned my life around. Strange that losing my family not being involved with my kids didn't do it for me. Went thru divorce and kicked out of home to live in shelter that didn't stop me either. Fear of prison not me. Even had unnecessary surgery to remove half of my colon to get drugs. Overdose yeah multiple times, nope not gonna stop me.

Present. 2020 working have good honest relationship with my children married again for 10yrs. Repaired relationship with Mom. (She was my rock ) in a way I am happier even with everything that has happened. Migraines controlled with botox. Crohn's in remission. Still have to deal with kidney stones frequently. Have good job good insurance. Amazing that the one shot started it all. Had been given pills previously never had issue,it was that one shot......that turned into my decent into madness.

I am only glad that I was able to overcome it and turn my life into something kinda resembling normal.

That's the basic story. Suboxone saved my life and I am thankful for it.

Re: Glad to be on suboxone

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:24 am
by jennjenn
That makes me happy for you! So grateful for this medication myself and it saved my life one million times over! Without this treatment I would be dead or in prison. Instead, I’m working a job I would never have thought possible and I have amazing relationships today with my parents, my children and my fiancé. I am happier than I have ever been.

I’m so happy to hear stories like yours and no matter what negative a-holes want to judge, they cannot have any clue what they’re talking about or know how wrong they truly are, this medication and treatment saves lives. If they don’t wanna see it then they can kiss it because we know and for now that’s good enough :)

Have a great day!!