Using Suboxone as a Psychedelic

Does buprenorphine treat depression? Is my depression from Suboxone? Will Suboxone treat bipolar? Will naltrexone or Vivitrol make me depressed?
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Using Suboxone as a Psychedelic

Post by ZenTrip » Sun May 17, 2020 12:48 am

This original post was once a lot longer.
Since then, I’ve edited it so many times that it’s become something else entirely.
I’ll try and continue to work on it as time goes on.

However, seeing as the half-life is 36 hours, sometimes it feels like I only feel okay while the actual strip is dissolving, during the process of taking the medication. If I’m lucky, I can make it last for hours, swishing the juices around my mouth as long as possible. Once I swallow, it’s all over and everything ends until I put the next tiny piece under my tongue. Anyone else run into this problem?

Anyways! Some people are able to take advantages of psychedelics as to where they can benefit from them on a spiritual level.
Kundalini, meditation and chill music seem to go well with my practices. Frisson (raising our vibrations), proper diet and exercise are just some of the things we can do to stay healthy/aware.
I also love lucid dreaming, and tend to have great success with it each and every night.
Since I also take Suboxone film, I’ve always wondered if there are others out there who also take it for these reasons.
Please just let me know, if so.
Thank you!
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Re: Using Suboxone as a Psychedelic

Post by jennjenn » Mon May 18, 2020 7:23 am

Well personally I think you’re thinking way too much about this medication and the added benefits you’re trying to get out of it. Things like the wrapper...... throw the wrapper away, there’s no medicine left inside the wrapper. The part about using it to lucid dream, I have no idea but keep in mind the people who are taking this medication are literally trying to save their lives...... people who shot up heroin Or other opiates for years, or people so addicted to opiates that all kinds of bad things happened where they couldn’t stop on their own, overdosing, losing custody of their children, losing their home, in jail or prison, lost their spouse or family members to opiates............ these are a variety of things that people started this treatment for so the added benefit for us is life and living it.

This medication plus working our butts off in counseling is huge, I think you’d really benefit from that if you aren’t already doing it. You mentioned that in your past your drug of choice was hallucinogenics, it kind of sounds to me like you’re still searching for something like that, something to make you feel that way. Learning better absorption is fine but it just seems like you’re searching for more than that, to get something more out of it.

I’m not trying to be hateful or anything but I literally read your post with my mouth open because I just don’t really understand where you’re coming from and maybe I just don’t understand what you’re trying to ask.

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