New to Buprenorphine, this is weird stuff

What dose of Suboxone do you take? Does your buprenorphine wear off? Do you have opioid withdrawal symptoms?
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New to Buprenorphine, this is weird stuff

Post by okiebran » Fri Jul 23, 2021 5:11 pm

I've been on opiates since 2006 after a couple of failed back surgeries. Norco always worked the best, after trying ms-contin, oxycontin, etc, and I've been on Norco 10/325 since 2008. My dose as of the last refill was 75-100mg per day (15-20mg per dose), and I was doing well. Then I moved to Oklahoma. The pain doctors here are all about long-acting opiates. She suggested I go onto belbuca (buprenorphine cheek patches) along with less norco, so I started with the 150mcg belbuca 2x a day, working my way up to 600mcg 2x a day (every 8 hours worked best). After I was still needing the norco, she put me on the sublingual pill (2mg of only buprenorphine), giving me 2 per day. That dose seemed extreme to me, as 1/4 of a pill worked just fine. But it only works for 4-5 hours. Would a larger dose work for longer? I don't want to get high, I just want pain relief. And i must say, the withdrawals from this start right at about 5 hours and they're not fun. I've chopped up the crumbs from cutting the pills and "played Scarface" with a very small amount (maybe 1/32 of a pill) and it hits faster, lasting until the sublingual dose hits, which can take an hour or more. I tried cocaine in the 90's and I remember it hitting within minutes, but nasal buprenorphine still took half an hour, lol.

My question is simply this: Does a larger dose have a longer duration of effect without adding MORE effect? I know buprenorphine works differently than other opiates, so although this wouldn't make sense for any of the others, maybe buprenorphine works that way.

BTW, not taking any other controlled meds, have no history of drug abuse, don't drink, can't use marijuana (Geez, I sound pretty boring)

Thanks for your time :)

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Re: New to Buprenorphine, this is weird stuff

Post by rule62 » Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:04 pm

Buprenorphine is a strange drug IMO. They call it a partial agonist which would explain a lot if one knew the difference between a full and partial agonist. For one, bupe normally doesn't get anyone high. The more you take it seems to go to waste for a lot of members here. If you are taking a very small amount, say less than 1mg you might feel something if you take a bit more. Not a high so much but more of a feeling okay moment. What we have found is that buprenorphine seems to work better on pain when you take small doses. The bupe pain patches are in micrograms vs milligrams so that says something. A little research here may turn up some good tips about using it for pain. It sure works well for me when I need it to. Normally I take 1mg daily but if I'm in some pain then I'll double it and that works quite well. Each person is different so only by experimenting will you know what works best for you.

Not sure if your question was answered but stick around and see who else posts back.
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