Does lowering suboxone dose help bowels move

Does Suboxone hurt teeth? Why does the film taste bad? Am I high on Suboxone? If you have side effects to buprenorphine, discuss them here.
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Does lowering suboxone dose help bowels move

Post by Opana » Sun Jun 27, 2021 2:47 am

I'm currently taking mirilax but need better results and was taking 10 - 12mg once a day. I only took 4mg today and plan to go to 1mg and even lower but thats not now but I know it must make a huge difference on the bowels dose wise especially being exactly at the ceiling..?

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Re: Does lowering suboxone dose help bowels move

Post by rule62 » Sun Jun 27, 2021 11:02 pm

Yes, the lower the dose the easier it will get. Please reduce your dose slowly to avoid discomfort. I take 1mg and have no problems at all with any side effects. Life is mostly normal for me now and I'll stay on my current dose for life unless something happens and I can't get it anymore.
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Re: Does lowering suboxone dose help bowels move

Post by neuromancer » Sun Jul 18, 2021 11:39 pm

Alright. here is a pro tip for all you sub peeps out there. Swim, takes magnesium. You can take any kind, but the most preferable kind, is the mag that can effect bowel movements. and you will know which kind not to take if you do some research. Because theres a varying degree of magnesium out there.

Here is swims method for regular, smooth bowel movements, twice a day.

1 dont worry about fiber, on subxone it can upset your stomach if the sub hasnt built up in your system, if you are tapering off, the mag will make you shit like no tomorrow depending on how much you take, so be careful and follow my instructions carefully, and then adjust to your own bodies reactions. If you get watery shits, you are taking to much. More magnesium = softer and softer stools.

2, become friends with the liquid enema they sell in the little bottles at the pharmacy. For one, control the use of this tool. Do not squirt tons of liquid into your colon, that will also give you the shits.

3 buy the right magnesium for you. See, the REASON, people become so constipated on opioids, is because it can drain the body of needed nutrients, magnesium, and vitamin b12 included. in some cases iron, so get your blood tested.

4 heres how swim is able to eat whatever swim likes, shit and then go about swims day and take subxone with no issues. and swims been on it consecutively for 7 years, clean from pks & harse for 7 years. and dont plan on quitting any time soon. swim is an addict, swim knows it. which is why swim focus on suboxone and strong cbd. and the combo, is basically the same as take a 10 mg perc with no tolerance, maybe even stronger, if you want the full effect. take a quarter xanax. swim stopped doing that, and deals with swims anxiety. swim mostly smokes cbd after swim has takin swims subxone. Also tell your doctor you are taking cbd

It can build up in your system, if it has thc in it, and your doctor will ask you if you are smoking weed. What swim did, was bring in a bottle of cbd to swims doctor, and asks them, if swim could take cbd, and that swim may test dirty. swim has tested dirty for 6 months, and swims doctor doesnt even bring it up anymore, because she knows swim has had issues from anxiety due to past trauma. Just tell them your problems, they will give the OK. they are not there to be your PO. They are there to help you.

In the morning, swim wakes up, eats, take a shit, takes swims subxone. Goes about swims day. in the evenings, swim eats again, shits and takes swims subxone and enjoy swims nights.

Before swim goes to bed, and this is the part you were reading all this for, swim takes 4 quarter and a half small scoops of magnesium citrate powder, and 2 magtein(which is a more powerful magnesium that is better absorbed. But this is for swim, I weigh 125 pounds), on an empty stomach, which is important, there cant be liquid, sugar, caffeine, or food maybe some liquids, and sugar, in your stomach when taking mag for the right effect, you cant be full or have drinkin a ton of crap, it wont work, water is ok, so nothing in your belly when you take it. If you have to, set an alarm to wake up two hours before you want to take a shit, and take the magnesium. go back to bed.

See swim discovered this method when swim discovered swim had developed a magnesium deficiency, where swims skin would burn, hair started to fall out, and skin became flakey. If you have these symptoms, and you are using dandruff shampoo, STOP. STOP RIGHT NOW, today. You are making it worse, because the shampoo drains the skin of all its minerals and nutrients, disrupting ph level on skin as well and its the subxone that is pushing it along making that possible, giving you flakey skin. swims flakey skin is gone today because swim took care of the root cause, and after using mag for a while, you develop natural bowel movements while still taking subs, depending on the strength of your body. This very morning, sim woke up, ate a big brunch, and had to run to the bathroom to take a giant natural shit. like clock work. Barely had to wipe. Didnt even need the enema.

Magnesium citrate, will make you shit, because it will make stool softer, so your body will react naturally when you eat, no upset stomach, no runs, just perfect bowel movements once you find th right amount to take for your body. so if you dont have a problem with magnesium in your body, you need much less to go. Its a natural stool softener. ALll natural, much more effective then prunes ducelax, prune juice, anything on the market, even an enema. But the enema is an important part of this process and they only cost 2 bucks at walmart or walgreens, cvs, ralphs, whatever.

It takes 2 hours for the mag to soften your stool, and depending on how much you take, more equals runny, but not diarheia, less or the perfect amount for you, is just softer stools that will come out naturally after a few hours sleep and if you do eat fiber, and you have a strong colon, eat something, and you will go like nothing with no effort. But if you have taken the magnesium, and still cant go. Thats where the enema comes in.

Get two enema bottles, or one, whatever, just empty it out. You only need a few drops of enema liquid with soft stools.

And this is where it can get a bit messy, have rubbing alcohol, surgical gloves, and a towel to lay down on.

Lay upside down, squirt the few drops from the empty enema into your colon and wait a few min 1 2 whatever until you get a strong urge, you will be going naturally and getting all the relief you need.

It may seem like a hassle, but im saying, its worth it. It benefits your health because mag is draining from your body
that is what is making you constipated, mag is responsible for more then 300 differnt bodily processes. Including making your colon muscles work retract and react.

It makes your colon muscles work, and it breaks down food that your slower digestive system has trouble with. You will digest everything naturally in 8 hours. and I wait 8 hours between meals and bowel movements to eat and go again. it takes 8 hours for food to reach your lower colon, so when eating, your body will naturally be ready to go. I do this, because of scar tissue. But you can adjust your schedule depending on your own needs. But I ecomend not taking mag, until two hours befoe you are ready to go number2.

This is a full proof method, ask any doctor about magnesium. It will work guaranteed, just make sure to stay relaxed, if you tense up, the enema cant reach your colon or shit, and the reason it only takes maybe 2 to 10 drops, is because its a chemical reaction to your feces.

so depending on whether its soft or hard, you can take half a shit, or a full shit. more enema juice is needed the harder your stool is. But if its somewhat soft, a couple drops will do you fine. Believe me. You will be thankful you did this. It will give you constant relief for the rest of your life. See magnesium, is an epidemic most people dont know about. Doctors forget about it, and think other problems are attributed to other things. constipation, is due to magnesium, nothing else. If you cant shit, no matter who you are, its because you dont have the right magnesium levels in your system, and no matter what you do, it wont get better with fiber or anything, because its the muscles not working correctly, it has nothing to do with your digestive system. If you dont have mag in your body, chances are, you have hard stool.

If the enema is not working correctly fter taking the mag, dont fret, Just take some gloves, dig your finger into your colon and go as far as you can to loosen yourself up. It sounds fucked up, but what happens is the colon tightens up on subxone, thats why you cant pass anything, and thats why you may take a shit, but feel like you still need to go. You didnt get rid of everything our body is telling you it wants to pass. This is also GREAT for weight loss, but be aware, to keep up with vitamins. ess poo in your colon means its not sitting in there for days being absorbed. The worse poo smells, that means you should of passed it days ago.

swim does the lay down method only 3 times a session, squirts enema into swims colon, lay up side down or on side, or on knees and elbows, and waits for the powerful urg to go which can come in seconds or mins. Swim shits as much as swim can, lay down, use the gloves, squirt it into swims colon. rinse and repeat. clean your tools with rubbing alcohol, enema tip enema, and always use clean gloves. You will take natural, complete shits emptying out your lower colon, and loose weight at the same time. swim hasnt gained a pound in 7 years, and swim is as healthy as swim has ever been in swims life because swim keeps up with swims vitamin levels.

You may think its alot of effort or time, but if you do it correctly and get into the habit, it takes 15 min, which is better then sitting on the toilet, ripping your asshole apart trying to get out one turd, which is possible, beware of too much strain, you can get an anal fissuse which is a cut in your colon. if that happens, make friends with lidocain hemoroid creams. Because subxone, makes the colon stop working without magnesium. Thats what the enema is for, it helps the flood gates open and loosen up, which is why you should use as little as possible.

Also when taking subxone, avoid humidity, and moisture on your eyes, taking mag, if your subs stop working before fully kicking in, you could feel the urge to go. keep it controlled. if you ever have taken it, and felt it stop working after taking a shower, going out side in the humidity, its because of the moisture in the air, blanketing your eyes, disconnecting the subxone from your receptors.

If you want to avoid that, get some goggles, or stay inside your home, air tight until it has fully kicked in. Because the subxone, will stop the magnesium from giving you an upset stomach if you have taken too much magnesium before you have found the balance of the perfect amount to take for our body. if you time it correctly, you will feel great all the time and after taking a dump. Usually swim just doesnt go outside after swims second daily dose and gets everything done early in the day and work in the day, or change up the schedule to suit my time.

Just find mag citrate powder on amazon, or get some from the store. or find the right kind for you, but remember there are kinds that do not soften stool, or if you really want to go, just take it two hours before trying to go, and you will go. I garantee it. drinking water dissipates the gas it can cause but the gas is non existent when subs are active or built up your system, the less sub you are on, the easier it is to go naturally, with mag you can take double or triple the dose of mag on an empty stomach, and you will be relieved within two hours. swim takes it before swim sleeps, because it can upset your sstomach a little bit if you havent used the restroom in a while, or if you havent had your sub dose for the day.

It can also make you gassy, but all you have to do is burp a few times, or relieve the gas with an enema tip without staining, because strain also releases the subxone from your receptors. Until you are on a lower dose, the lower the dose, the stronger the subxone will be held to your receptors. high doses does make the grip on your receptors more brittle.

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Re: Does lowering suboxone dose help bowels move

Post by suboxdoc » Fri Aug 13, 2021 10:34 am

That's the most detailed description of fixing constipation that I've ever read!

A couple thoughts to add about buprenorphine...

About a third of each dose is absorbed, and the rest is swallowed. Swallowed buprenorphine is converted via 'first pass metabolism' at the liver, mostly to norbuprenorphine. First pass metabolism is the term for when a swallowed medication doesn't make it through the liver without being metabolized.

Norbuprenorphine is a mu opioid agonist -- i.e. it does not have a ceiling effect. But norbuprenorphine does not enter the brain because of the 'blood brain barrier', and the main actions of norbuprenorphine are at the gut. So yes, you can reduce constipation by reducing the amount of norbuprenorphine, which can be done in several ways. One way is to lower your dose to only what you need to create a level, stable, opioid effect at the brain. A second way is to try to maximize absorption of the medication, which will then allow you to use a lower dose. One form of buprenorphine, Bunavail, achieves over 40% absorption, and has done studies showing that it causes less constipation that Suboxone or other formulations of buprenorphine.

Another way to reduce norbuprenorphine is to 'dose and spit'. When you're done dosing, instead of swallowing the remaining saliva you just spit it out. The problem with that technique is obvious; many people are already sensitive to being seen holding their mouth closed for 15 minutes, twice per day -- and adding a 'spit' to that isn't going to win friends. Also, doing it once won't make much of a difference, because buprenorphine metabolites have long half-lives and build up over time. But if you do it every time you dose, you will notice a difference after 5-7 days.

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Re: Does lowering suboxone dose help bowels move

Post by TeeJay » Sun Aug 22, 2021 12:33 am

Can you not use the acronym "swim" because I'm a swimmer and it's actually confusing. I enjoy swim nights too?

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