Bupe/naloxone, antibiotics and tooth extraction

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Bupe/naloxone, antibiotics and tooth extraction

Post by DanOhioAwesome » Wed Oct 13, 2021 6:45 pm

Hello everyone!!

So I'm on an antibiotic because I had front tooth pulled. My top six teeth were capped just over 2 years ago but the tooth in between my canine and my left front tooth was the only one that also happend to have a root canal done on it several years ago. The rest have living roots. Anyways that said tooth broke off at the gum like a few weeks ago. No pain because of the root canal.
Anyways they had to get the rest of the tooth and root out. I'm going to get a bridge.

However this was my 4th pulled tooth (not counting wisdoms) and I've got to say this one has been more of a pisser than the past teeth that have been pulled it including the wisdoms in dealing with after extraction care. This is the front and maybe it's easier to interfer with the healing process.. it's the second tooth I've had extracted since I've been on Suboxone and I've always wondered if the saliva with the medicine would do anything to stunt the healing process?

I started amoxicillin 2 days ago just because it looked like it was infected and they called me in a script the day I got it extracted in case it did get infected but it never the first week..it didn't really have any pain besides what you would expect and ibuprofen did the trick.

So anyways will Suboxone be weekend by the antibiotic? because I've read that antibiotics can weaken vitamins that you take or other medicines.

My apologies this is a long-winded post lol

So basically my questions are does the saliva with bupe/naloxone interfer with that extraction wound and does amoxicillin weaking bupe/naloxone??

I'm going in tomorrow for them to check.. it's just been a little over two weeks and they're checking it out because there was also a bone graft done because that's standard practice for a front tooth when it gets pulled..

it actually kind of pissed me off cuz I showed up Monday wanting them to look at it but they couldn't see me because they were super busy and all I wanted was the dentist or the oral hygienist to just look in my mouth to say whether or not it was an emergency, infected needing cleaning out or nothing to worry about but nope had to make an appointment..so that's why I started taking the amoxicillin. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Have a great night

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Re: Bupe/naloxone, antibiotics and tooth extraction

Post by rule62 » Sat Oct 16, 2021 10:53 am

Having lost a few teeth myself over the years I've had no problem with antibiotics & Suboxone. Both worked just fine. IMO, Suboxone has no effect on your teeth and vice versa. But then, I'm not a doctor so let's see if one of our resident ones can give an opinion. Don't worry about it though. I'm going in Tuesday for an implant and will start antibiotics on Monday. No big deal.
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