Need to vent...

Does buprenorphine treat depression? Is my depression from Suboxone? Will Suboxone treat bipolar? Will naltrexone or Vivitrol make me depressed?
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Need to vent...

Post by jonathanm1978 » Wed Jun 30, 2021 8:22 am

EMS...EMT...first responder...whatever terminology you want to tach on...
It can be so f***ing frustrating sometimes. Onward to my vent/rant:

Last week..Thursday night...EMS call on a 53yof. Came out as unconscious/unresponsive. I didn't run this particular call..but I did hear it. Patient was transported to hospital... She fought the medics so 2 FF/EMS had to ride in the back of bandaid-box to help with her...she didn't come around until she was hit with narcan -- halfway enroute to the hospital.

Next comes out...53yof...unresponsive/not breathing...same address as the night before. I went to the station and picked up a truck and proceeded to the address. Call was updated while in route that she was "barely breathing". Got on scene..she was sitting in passenger seat of vehicle at a neighbor's house. Sternum rub produced nothing... could visibly see carotid pulse, very strong...but only breathing 7-8 breaths per minute... Ambulance arrived a couple minutes the OD bag and prepared nasal narcan..

Hit with nasal narcan...approx 1-1.5 minutes later, she began coming around. We told her that she was killing herself and needed to stop whatever she was doing. I was handed the discharge orders from the ER visit just 6 hours prior...the #1 on home care was "Stop all illicit drug use"...

She proceeded to tell us all, with a few get off her property... (which she wasn't even on her property..but I guess she thought she was). Got pretty pissed at us and just wanted us to leave.

So..we did. Last words to her was "please stop doing this to're going to kill yourself" around 8:15am.

At 4:45pm..another call..same address as the prior 2 calls...except this time it's "53yof, not breathing, came in and found deceased"

Turns out she had probably expired at around 2pm..and we got called out at around 4:45pm.. There was already some rigor she had been gone at least a couple hours... but geez...this beats all. She was apparently on a mission or got ahold of some bad dope...
The investigator and I had some conversations going while he was taking pictures... We also told him that we saw her paraphanelia in the room where she was on the he went thru it all. He asked me "can you smoke heroin?"...
I'm like..."Man I have no clue.. I 'think' so..but I don't know for sure"...
Then he hands me a sealed generic suboxone film..and says "hey, what's this?"....I looked at it and new right away...
She had suboxone on-hand for the dry times so she didn't get dopesick. And I told him it was for opiate addiction..and exactly why someone using heroin would have Suboxone on-hand... because it keeps them from getting dopesick while they look for the next fix.

Sad really. We tried...twice within a 6 hour period to tell this woman...and now she's gone.
Addiction sucks..and it pisses me off to see this regularly..

/end rant.
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Re: Need to vent...

Post by TeeJay » Sun Aug 22, 2021 12:44 am

Yeah the progressive nature of addiction is particularly nasty. It seems to be the same people where it's hit a point where the OD very regularly. It's as if their addiction has taken over and they no longer care whether they live or die. Though I'm sure if they got a clean moment, and if someone showed them a video of what they were doing to themselves, they'd be heartbroken and mortified.

In my country there's discussion about being able to "section" addicts and alcoholics who are at particular risk to themselves, in the same way we section people with severe mental illness who are at risk to themselves or others. Of course they will be a flight risk which your average rehab facility can't really manage. But psych units can.

Opens up a big can of worms about personal liberties though.

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