Moved to Pennsylvania can't find pharmacy that stocks Suboxone or Mylan films

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Moved to Pennsylvania can't find pharmacy that stocks Suboxone or Mylan films

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Please help - can't find Suboxone brand or Mylan 8/2 mg films anywhere in Eastern half of Pennsylvania.

[[[UPDATE: Viatris Pharmaceutical Company found ONE pharmacy that has Mylan films. So I'm okay for the moment, but I still need a doctor (prefer psychiatrist with experience), and I found out something that's not good for patients:

Most pharmacies in PA will NOT stock Suboxone Brand films, or even get them for a patient who is prescribed brand name, even when the patient pays cash. (I haven't found one yet) WHY? Indivior said there is nota shortage! I think it's because maybe they don't profit much from it? Or maybe they won't order it from warehouse unless they have a lot of customers who buy it? What if I would not have found the Mylan? I had severe reaction to Dr.Reddys (I tried it more than once) and it caused a ton of problems for me. Where I lived in FL, Suboxone brand was available at most pharmacies, so why have I found NONE so far in the entire state of PA?}}}

We just moved from Florida to Pennsylvania. Have appt with my FL doc in two days via zoom, we checked laws, he is allowed to send rx to PA pharmacy. Not only are there very few pharmacies here inthe area around Reading & Lancaster, , I've called tons of pharmacies, NONE of them carry or can even get brand name, or Mylan, not even from their warehouses. A Walgreens employee told me that they use same warehouse as other Walgreens in large area around Philly, so they said they use same warehouse, so I wouldn't have luck with any of the stores around Philly area (We are in between Reading & Lancaster.) WalMart can't give me info over phone about whether they have it or not, and if my doc sends rx there, andthey don't end up having it, I won't beable to transfer it unless it's partially filled.

I currently take brand name, but can take Mylan generic too (Mylan company is also doing a search for me,but takes 5 days. I'm willing to try other generics, but had severe reaction to Dr. Reddys, we reported it to FDA. It nearly cost me my life, so I'm leary of generics aside from Mylan.

Walgreens told me they can't even order it from warehouse, it's not available. I called Subixone company Indivor, they said there is NOT a shortage, they don't provide a product locator service like Mylan (now Viatris) does. I Checked Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, etc. I even checked cities over 100 miles away.

If anyone in PA knows of pharmacy that carries it, please let me know. I don't eant to have to go back to Florida just to get my medicine! My husband got a really good job here, what he's been looking for his entire life (I'm in my 50s, husband 60s). Any advice please. This situation triggered me big time, all of the crap I've dealt with for years all came back like flashbacks, being treated inhumanely countless times, by people in the medical field who should know better and by others who are also ignorant, jumping through hoops all the time, having to know all the laws because others don't care to, not getting pain meds after surgery due to ignorant & fearful doctors, after I worked my ass off for 30 years in the medical field myself where I treated others with dignity & respect even at my own expense. I'm so tired of having my life ruined due to being on this drug.

Thank You, I greatly appreciate any advice or info.
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