3rd time back day 1 no subs

How to stop Suboxone? How long should I be on buprenorphine? Is Suboxone withdrawal bad? How do I detox?
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One Month or More
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Re: 3rd time back day 1 no subs

Post by Headseed » Thu Jul 22, 2021 8:45 am

I'm good man. I'm still staying exhausted due to lack of sleep, fighting chills still a good bit, and restless just a bit here and there but mostly at night. But nothing specifically is bad enough to stop me from being "functional". I think I'm at 3 weeks? Close enough to call it that. So like you I feel like I'm on the downhill of our physical struggle. The sheer duration of this still leads to the occasional moment of the brain looking for a way out but I'm not hanging from a finger nail anymore. For me I think going forward it's just a factor of time and forcing myself into some sort of schedule that keeps me if not "busy" then at least occupied. There are blessings and curses to being (mostly) free from having to work. I've been a bit of a homebody for a while and these 4 walls have all been mapped. But I am not what you would call a people person...I like individuals but people in numbers I have little desire to interact with. I can foresee anxiety being an issue either way so I'll have to be mindful of that and find a constructive way to deal with it. But yeah. There's not much to say without me letting my misfiring synapses run away with my already annoying tendency to ramble. Glad you are well! And so quickly as well! Congrats man! Make sure you take care of your mental well being. PAWS can hit you on and off for a long time as I'm sure you're aware. Just be mindful... nothing to fixate on. Take care!

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